Walls of white with a dash of dreary

November 21, 2007
Walls of white with a dash of dreary.
Instructor's voice droning on and on.
Will it ever end?
I observe. Helpless. As one by one-
Students, comrades -amigos if you will,
Fall to the incessant snare of monotony.
Taken under by this swell.
Drowning in routine,
Overcome, and numb with boredom.
Will you have no mercy?

Staring intently with eyes unseeing.
Mind in a mild state of decomposition.
Will I too, fall victim to this ruse?
My soul is drying, heart longing for some type of sanctuary.
This is uncalled for.
Oh, but what have we found here?
Something has distracted, flown by and caught my eye.
A small housefly has landed upon my desk.

Hello, little fly,
Why have you come to me now?
Are you in need of company?
Are you in despair?
It must be hard to find peace, being so-
So unwanted, unappreciated, unnoticed.
Dodging annoyed extremeties, and hating newspapers.
Does death lurk around your every corner?
Do they smirk as they plot your demise?

I know, little fly,
People can be so heartless and cruel.
They do not see what it does to you.
I understand little creature, I can see your pain.
The struggles you have forgone to be here now,
They are not right.
And the saddest truth of all?
It does not end here, this is not your deliverance.
People will not change, the hunt will go on.
Death will not abandon her search for your courage.
I cannot save you.

I'm sorry, little fly,
I'm so ashamed.
There is nothing I can do.
This is life, and I know, I know you did not ask for this.
No, none of us signed up for such a brutal reality.
They sold us lies, and we bought them, foolishly.
Did you expect some sort of warranty? A return policy, perhaps?
Oh, my friend, you have so blindly overlooked their deception.
The fine print explains it all, read again and you'll see, we have no defense.
There was never a guarantee.
We have naught.

But cheer up, little fly,
It seems you have found a lull in the tide.
For I can feel your pain, and I can hear you sigh.
I see you are weary, and I see you are lonely.
So, for the moment, I will linger.
For the moment, I will stay.
I will be your unconditional company in this time of need.
You may seek refuge here.
So close your eyes, and fold your wings,
You are in no shape for flying.
Sink into the safety of this moment, and calm your thoughts.
How exhausted your worried mind must be.
Paranoia feeds on your confidence.

Hello, little fly,
I'm so glad you've come,
Stay until you've regained your strength.
Until these tears have dried, and these fears subside.
Find comfort here.
Have solace.
Do not feel a burden, for you are nothing of the sort.
Little fly, I'm so glad you've stayed.
It's nice to see you smile, and it's beautiful to hear you laugh.

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