November 3, 2010
By , Lake Forest Park, WA
Born just this morning, I’m fresh and new
Full of multigrains, I’m good for you
I’m baked with a crust that is crunchy and light
I’ll leave you craving more ever since your first bite

My taste is simple but still a good treat
My smell consists of mouthwatering wheat
Yet, I cannot be sold
All that I’ve wanted has gone untold

My purpose in life was to be ate
This morning I believed that was my fate
Taken away, I could’ve been trash
Lucky for me, the baker wasn’t rash

I was taken to a bank, not that of money
Where food is stored, from lemons to honey
Packaged and shipped, I was on my way
Food Lifeline made me look like a buffet

The people who savored me ate all they could
Throughout this experience I finally understood
How hunger is desperation at its brim
Most people don’t see how they live so grim

I saved someone’s life, by pursuing my dream
The other food and I worked as a team
Now someone is living, full for the night
If everyone did this it could end the hunger fight.

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