The Cruel Gift of Hope

November 3, 2010
What's the point of hope when in the end it shatters.
What's the point of hope when it never really matters.
I become all eager, hoping for the best,
my heart beating faster inside of my chest.
I thought that only good was going to come;
now I realize how I was so stupid and dumb.
Hope will never last; it's a lie you'll always follow.
Hope never brings good because it only brings sorrow.
My heart's been tried, a toy to all this hope.
With pain and extreme agony is what I must now cope.
Hope was never there for me, so now I turn my back.
Hope was the only thing that could ever make my heart break.
Never again will I be expectant; never again will I pray.
Never again will I ever hope because it only ruins my day.
Hope has only brought my pain that caused me to scream and groan.
So I move along, without a hope, only to live alone.

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