Love Unexplored

November 21, 2007
Love Unexplored

Regret is a constant in my mind,
It was her, not you I should have left behind.
Alas, now your heart is in the palm of another.
Consuming thoughts of what could have been fill my head,
Longing for your touch as I lay alone in this bed.
Me and you, you and I, us, is what I wish to explore.
Between the sheets of love, we can find eternal bliss,
All my fantasies be fulfilled with just one taste of your sweet lips.
Our timing was always off,
Cruel love tore our hearts between two, leaving us never together,
But my love for you is pure, it transcends eternity and lasts forever.
May you find happiness, that’s my burning hearts strongest desire.
My unexplored lover, no one else will rightfully guess,
Except for you the one who knows this love best.

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