My Dog Wagz

November 3, 2010
By Anonymous

I am simply a dog
A sharp mind not in a fog
What do these humans expect of me?
All that you get is all that you see.

Separated and sold from the family of mine
All that I ponder is “I will be fine”
I unconsciously shake and meet their loving stare
And get walked to the door hearing the voice “who’s there?”

I make for the dash, a dead set run
And race my new dad, now this should be fun
I run left and run right, the spunk of a pup
Soon do I see, he can’t catch up

Thirsty for love, and for water too
I calm myself down, and just make do
Laughing they smile and put me on my leash
My dad comes back panting and cries out, “SHEESH”

I jump in the car, to make our way home
There’s so many smells the farther we roam
The backyard is amazing! It’s a wondrous thing!
This new family of mine, they treat me like king.

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