The Foundation

November 3, 2010
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Here I stand,
skateboard in hand,
at one point facing the other.
I have traveled this road many times before,
so my journey is no secret to cover.
As I begin to kick push,
the sound of the board, blurs my hearing,
so it sounds like mush.
I fall into rhythm,
take my iPod out,
turn the volume way up,
and begin to black out.
I’m in my zone,
but nobody can see,
this board is the only thing that connects to me.
they ask me,
“why man why don’t you play real sports,
‘stead of fooling round on that board,
c’mon go get some shorts,
throw a white tee on,
and get in some balling shoes.”
I tell em “nah man this here’s my groove.”
So they walk away shaking their heads in disgust,
they just don’t understand this board for me is a must.
So I keep on rolling,
chilling at a steady pace,
then I stop at the spot I usually meet Ade.
And I see something that fills my heart with pride deep inside,
there’s a little guy,
he could only be eight or nine,
and he’s trying to ollie the curb but he just can’t get it right.
So he starts to get frustrated and hurls his board,
sits down looking like he ain’t goin skate no more,
so I skate over to the boy,
and tell ‘im to keep his head up,
showed ‘im a couple pointers to help ‘im get better,.
And just then Ade comes up,
and says lets go,
so we skate away laughing and cracking jokes.
Down the big hill,
over the crossroads,
past the cul de sac,
skating in open road,
across the bridge and into Berkshire,
skating so fast our wheels are on fire.
Run into Taylor Cali and Henry to,
ask ‘em if they skating they say,
“you know it dude”,
Reach the foundation and look what we find,
everybody’s out there, skating out they minds,
we got;
John and Shawn,
don’t forget Issac,
Josh and Chaunce.
Everyone goes crazy,
and starts landing all they tricks,
we bring out the rail and Ade hits a back lip.
So here I am,
this is my life,
the only thing left to say is…

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