The Same Old Circle

November 1, 2010
Ache,shake,break, and shatter,
Because of all the voices in my skull.
You let me know I never mattered,
All because I let my guard fall.

Problem by problem,time after time,
I stepped inside that flaming snare.
And as by routine you leave my side,
But the demons cease to scare.

Use to feeling alone,
Immune to that pain.
I dont wait for the ring of the phone,
Because such hope is in vain.

Put me to the side,
Sadly I've grown used to that spot.
I dont bother to dream tonight,
But dreams are all I've got.

I've done my best,
But I think I'm done.
Put my soul to rest,
With the setting of the sun.

I've put in the effort,I've really tried.
So out of us,thats one of two.
Feels like I've died,
But that doesnt even bother you.

So I'm staring down my demons,
Here I go standing tall.
The demon and I rush in screaming,
But its always me that will fall.

Fall back into the same trap,
You come back and I forgive,
The Im back into the same old crap,
I can't do this for as long as I live.

Im on a never ending path.
You stitche me up,then cut me deep.
Its always you with the last laugh,
And always me that takes the leap.

How many words were fiction,how many fact?
Does it matter that my soul is now scarred?
How many actions were a facade and an act?
I'm finally realizing the flame has gone dark...

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