Fight On

November 1, 2010
Its the Ones who Fight for Happiness that deserve it. The ones that Deserve it are also the One who Never get it. Some people don't even have to fight. They give up and everything falls perfectly in place. Others once fought for happiness, and Forgot what they fought for in the first place, and threw it all away. I'm not that person. I know what I fight for. I make sure its worth it. I've tried Giving up and Letting it all Fall into Place for Me, But thats not how I am. I can't sit idly by and wait for everything to work its self out. I don't believe that it happens like that. You have to be willing to Struggle to get what you want. Sometimes, you end up playing dirty to cope for a loss. Sometimes, you turn into the person that hates waking up in the Morning because you know that it's just goin to be Deja Vu, Same problems and fears, Different day. Or is it? It all turns into a blur by now. Time rushing by, and everyone moving on. Except for You. You're stuck to watch everyone get everything in order while your thoughts looks like Hiroshima. Do what you have to do, I guess. For the ones that have everything fall into their laps, Don't EVER forget how good you have it. For those who Forget what they Fought for, REMEMBER! Or you WILL Loose it. And For those like Me, Those who Have a Silent Battle Day after Day to find what your soul is searching for, Fight on. 12:00 AM Rolls in, and Who knows? Maybe today will be the day Your life turns around.





Fight on.

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