Battlefield of the mind

November 1, 2010
Our minds are like a battlefield, sometimes reaching out to cry. So I lay here thinking about God promises. Wondering can someone ever loving me as much as he do? What he does for me Inspite of me. His security, Comfort, to healer, showing me the best part about me. Learning and growing on his promises... my maturity, my freedom, that fact that I can still praise that name. So why care what other's think or have to say? Negative coaches is what I call them, where the devil speaks into there ear. Then we just sometimes keep on thinking, what will they think or have to say? Again I say why listen to what those negative coaches have to say? Don't get me wrong I do to,but I'm learning to shut that door and only open it to God's word and promise. He is a shoulder a keep my back bone straight...even when it's cripled on down to the heart aches. He is the step I the air I breathe, the only one who can wash all my sins away. To even think of the battlefield it's already faught and you already you won. so the positions we are put in are just an ordinary way. Like a lesson to make you stronger but already has been known, or a teacher who has a plan to help us grow. I say this battlefield for some is just beginning, because of the looks of things they have alot to learn. To put out the negative thinking, and let some sunshine in our lives again. Back to the beginning...tell me something I don't know.

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