Who Can Tell?

November 1, 2010
By JazzyBells BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
JazzyBells BRONZE, Detroit, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
" Be a Leader...Never a Follower"
"Life is too short to give up to easy"
" Who says you cant when You always can"

Who can tell what you been through? I cant, dreams that stood up and sat back.
You learn so much as trials you face. Maybe over and over because you didn't get the test. Learning to love yourself, and get rid of things that's not like him. God is the one I give my whole heart to. I look for more love and respect, Jesus is the one who understands that. You got negative coaches day to day who won't give it a rest. Looking at me as if I was a piece of meat, tug of war, or skip it. I've been through so much but I can't complain, Because I'm here today. Life gets hard sometimes makes people have lack of confidence, or low self- esteem. Wierd thing is I pick people heads up along the way, man oh man those were the day's. I started to learn I was a leader and not a follower. I have God to thank for that. My heart beat, joy, and desire, Jesus was the one who got me through all of that.

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