Hi it's me

November 21, 2007
By Erica Clayburn, APO, ZZ

Hi it's me

but who am I

am I a true friend

or a face and a lie

We all wear masks

hiding ourselves

we all seem so happy

outside of private hells

You act loose

but you hate it inside

you're tired of sex

I Know how you've cried

You can't take off the mask

You're still too afraid

You think they won't like you

Your true self portrayed

Well you say I'm your best friend

and I love you it's true

ButI will always hate your mask

Because it's not the real you

They don't know a thing about you

they think you just want to go to bed

So please take off your mask

And proudly lift your head

If You love me The way That I love You

then please girl let's go where I can be me and you can be you

There we'll take off our masks and kick off our shoes

Then we'll walk together just me and you

We'll travel to so many places

that they can not go

They will only find us

When their true faces show

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