Cover my Mind

November 21, 2007
By Amanda Abraham, Kelowna, ZZ

I am Stronger without all these words and fantasies.
Words, which encrypt the meanings of
whatever sense I seek from this world.
I’ve gone down so many scarlet holes, everything is so
Wrong when you’re gone,
When you shade your thoughts from me

I am Stronger when I move my muscles with even strokes.
Work- I embrace this consuming, solid drugery.
Just moving the hands and
straining the foot makes for a real
World- covers the brain with
static for a while.

Except then I lie down, and the torrent of words
resumes in my brain. I look at the cement towers
outside my window, towers of
Wicked metal and minds, and I
Wonder if you’re ever coming out of them to get me.
To make my mind safe for thought

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