Black and White Lake

November 1, 2010
By mad.reader95 PLATINUM, Beach Park, Illinois
mad.reader95 PLATINUM, Beach Park, Illinois
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I walk by a lake
And it’s a very high stake.
I look across the water and I see my family and friends
And everything depends.
They yell “You’re going to either sink or swim so get on with it!”
It’s a scary thought so I wait and sit.
As I deliberate
People swim by at a fast rate,
Some get there, ten out of ten,
But some never make it out of that cold wet pen.
As I look at the water it is all I can see,
And it frightens me!
I don’t want to jump and see if my limbs can carry me all the way there.
Then I realize “Why do I care?”
As I look around things turn back and white
And I just might,
Not go at all
Not have to worry about the fall.
I want something more,
This place is such a bore.
My family and friends yell and screech
But I plant my feet firmly on the beach.
I throw my hands up and yell “I’m going to fly!”
They say “You can’t fly you’re merely you. You can’t fly like the birds in the sky!”
But I jump in the air
And feel the wind in my hair.
I prove them all wrong by flying higher,
They can never call me a liar!
While everything down there is black and white,
I take flight,
To a place that’s so colorful
I can’t take it all in, it’s wonderful!
I touch a tree top and stop to chat with a crow,
To find out the amazing things he might know.
I keep going till I’m inside a cloud,
And I am so proud.
This is me threw and threw,
This is me and this is true,
I don’t think I’ll ever go down
Because I don’t want to replace this smile with a frown.
As I see what a blue bird might
I give my family and friends a fright
But as I wave to them happily
I hope they see
This is the real me
And it’s who I have to be!

The author's comments:
This is how I feel sometimes and I think its how a lot of people feel. Like you're expected to do what you're family and friends do or be what they are and normally it's not easy you have to do some big task that everyone else did. Maybe it's going to college or drinking or doing drugs or fighting or smoking or anything maybe it's not even a bad thing. Maybe you're Dad is a doctor and he wants you to be one to. Anyways I feel like sometimes we are expected to do these things and they get boring and doing what you want or doing something new is ok and fun and it's really ok to be yourself. I express that threw this poem.

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