one’s wand and tiara

November 20, 2007
By Shelby Thomason, Fergus Falls, MN

one’s wand and tiara

the sun warmed my back, the grass tickled my nose as i breathed it in and
to the ornaments and lawn animals i’d calmly confide,
clad in my polka dot pants and purple polish
on my nails sticking out the fingers
of my gloves a brilliant blue
like my tiny toe nails
separated by the cold grass shoving their way selfishly up to the sun

i’d confide that my tiara and wand were much too important
to me because the land that i lived had me trapped.
the few fish swimming helplessly on my sweater
were caught just like me
fish ensnared
on my woolen sweater and me
in a land that i supremely
ruled over with the incessant help that only comes from

one's Wand and Tiara.

i told them that i could never lose those because what if
i did and the black and white monster that disrupted
my world of color and happiness
came and crushed my land
that is my imagination?

where then would I be trapped as only a child?
Surely Not R E A L I T Y.

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