The Reason

November 20, 2007
The threading of two lives which occurred
And being The Reason
for many things must be difficult.

Am I a burden
or do you enjoy the sweet serene moments
that tastes of the young fruit of tomorrow.

How does it feel to be The Reason
while trotting along the tangents of time
and The Reason being you and I?

Beginning with the bitter sweet
bashfully I want to disclaim the trials of the past
and with The Reason it’ll be set aside but never forgotten

The life of the The Reason is bright
never lies, not another disguise
and it holds so true.

Is this another illusion (will it escape)
or is it pure like the light of the moon
as it seeps through my window.

I know it’s hard to keep promises
humanity is always a let down
but for The Reason it breaks all barriers
zooming beyond what people claim to be pearly gates.

Alas, I ask for permission
is it okay for you to be My Love
and My Reason?

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