October 30, 2010
By Sydney Nicholas BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
Sydney Nicholas BRONZE, Indianapolis, Indiana
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To feel comfortable in my own skin,
I always feel that I have to be thin,
This is the way I feel that I win,
By being able to get looks from men,

Don’t push me ‚Because‚I’ll eat less,
Then this is all going to turn into a mess,
You’ll never get me to confess,
This is when I feel my best,

You want to get me on my feet,
By shovelling in food to make me eat,
I’m not ready to be on my feet,
So sit down and take a back seat,

You’ll be the first to know when I get out of these beds,
And ask for help with a prescription meds,
I know it’s psychological and it’s all in my head,
Just listen for once, for all I have said

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