Ballade to the President: A World Crying

November 20, 2007
By Melinda Cohoon, Tigard, OR

When you put your ear to the ground, can you hear the world crying?

Will you ever look past the country that you live in…

Did you know there are people out there dying?

Look past your political sin.

There are women in Africa being degraded (of course without a choice given).

Why are you in that country just for oil?

I try to tell myself it’ll change and to keep up my chin.

Think of the blood on this worlds’ soil.

You should watch the commercials with children crying.

Maybe you’ll realize some people don’t even have a roof made of tin.

Why aren’t you on that plane flying?

Why can’t everyone just win?

I’m sick of watching you grin.

Everyone here has turned out to be a spoil.

We need to start caring for more than just our own kin.

I don’t like watching other countries go through turmoil.

Darfur is experiencing genocide, that’s the place we should be eyeing!

Give up on America’s personal gain and leave the place we have been.

Still not getting the message I’m implying?

You can hide in your little inn.

You can tell yourself there is no sin.

Stop thinking about the limited resource called oil.

All I have to ask is if this is going to happen or even when?

Take into consideration this is partly your spoil.

I hope to see a better future begin.

The tension between others is at a boil.

Start saving other peoples skin.

I hope you understand and become loyal.

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This article has 1 comment.

Steve said...
on Jan. 23 2009 at 1:06 am
It was good I enjoyed reading it. Hard to find Ballades nowadays english wise. Though I am not quite sure that you could consider it one since you didnt follow the form to a tee. If your wondering how C at the end of each stanza is a refrain line meaning you repeat it throughout the poem for each C. You also used words over again which kinda drew away from it. Check out my ballade sometime "Ballade of the Fallen" to see what I mean. Other than that extremely good


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