Heart & Soul

November 20, 2007
By Ashley Roeckner, Celina, OH

It really hurts to think me and you will never be,
But deep down inside I shall never give up,
Because I want you and need you that bad,

My heart aches to be with you everyday,
And the time we are together I cherish,
For I don’t want you to ever fade away.

The soul is a deep thing to believe in,
Consider mine to have its mind made up,
And I hope it says you and me will someday be.

I pray that my heart don’t lead me the wrong way,
Because I don’t want half a heart, but beyond a whole soul,
And it says you don’t cause pain, but share the loving passion you hold.

Shall I wait, or shall I move on without you,
Only my soul can say, and my heart is yet undecided,
But I think I can wait, till my heart comes around.

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