Holy Smokin'!

November 20, 2007
I can feel him moving in closer,
Looking over my shoulder at the city lights,
Wondering just what he is thinking.

He leans in and a silence comes over us,
As we are able to feel our hearts beat,
Making the moment so peaceful.

Now he’s so close that I can feel his breath,
The smell of him is just too good,
That I know he’s working up the courage to kiss me.

He makes sure it’s okay with me before hand,
And as I don’t let him finish his words,
I say yes, go ahead, with butterflies filling in me.

He’s kissing me as it feels so different, yet to good
Thinking he is experienced as he knows just what to do,
His mouth so sweet, and so warm.

He makes sure it’s okay, with his mouth, so close to my ear,
His hands playing with my hair and my legs are jello,
I assure him it’s fine, completely melting inside.

His lips meet mine again, and it’s perfect as before,
I put my arms around his waist, feeling the warmth of his skin,
Wishing he were shirtless, to feel his muscles.

I pull closer and let the kiss deepen, hoping the moment lasts forever
He moves away after a few seconds, then comes back for more,
But only to lay a kiss on my temple, trying to resist the temptation.

Holy smokin’- was he good or what,
Wishing to relive them couple moments in heaven,
I can’t wait to kiss him again and again.

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