You Look at Me

November 20, 2007
By Kevin Sears, Elizabethtown, KY

you look at me and you see

someone stable yet unclean

someone who you confide

a place for friends to run and hide

my strength is what i offer to many

to help my friends who dont have any

but when i drop i wont run to all

i will simply let go and fall

just to pick myself up and then

fight my self through again

because of those who once were there

made me stronge so i can bear

all the pain and damage done

through out the days one by one

but if i fall and cannot rise

and it seems no one hears the cries

i feel a presence, twas thier all along

those who made me so strong

my brother and true family

the ones who trust and confide in me

im glad they're here so i can savor

when as it goes, they return the favor

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