i wish i was through

October 28, 2010
By , clearlake, CA
start screaming
start crying
stop feeling
stop loving
stop talking
stop living

start dying
stop liying
start falling

just give up
your not worth living for
your not worth opening that closed door
you just need to be no more
just slam that door

lock yourself away
hide from the harsh and evel day
hide and loose your way
just get lost in your own way

leave me
never see me
never talk to me
never love me
only hurt me

watch me cry
watch me forget how to fly
watch me die

im falling with broken wings
your hate and envy broke them
im stuck in the dark
lost without your light
lost without a will to fight

im stuck in the shadows of the fear in my night

i dear you to hit me one more time
i dear you to touch me agin
i dear you to let me go
i dear you to let me just die cause thats what you want me to do

i dear you to never say once agin i sttel love you
i wish my life was through
i wish my thoughts were true
i wish i never got taken by you
i wish i was never born

i wish i never ever loved you </3

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