The Blood Flows

November 20, 2007
By Shelby Cardinal, Muskegon, MI

The scars cut upen, the blood flows,
The past becomes the future behold,
Yet, if the tortures and pain come back again,
Will the scared and broken heart be able to mend?
Hurt and vulnerable,only second place,
The faith and hope vanished long ago without a trace,
Forgiven forgiven, your forgiven she says,
Yet time after time he stabs again and again,
Every chance you get you cut her down and take her apart,
There will soon be nothing left of sad excuse for a heart,
Her heart wasted space, as is her soul,
every event will have it's turn to take a toll,
She's diminishing little by little every miserable day,
No matter how much comforting she is not okay,
The tortures leer at her, lurking within,
Always beginning, the end never to begin,
She's nothing but a mistake, a meer regret,
Some worthless thing you bought,and could not take back,
Give her a break through,some small victory,
Some end from this dictatorship, send her free,
For her time is coming near, oh so very near,
The fogged window she sees from has dried clear,
A solution to the problem, the anti-dote to strife,
She was found it,she has used it, she has taken her life.

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