Juliet’s Story

November 20, 2007
By Madori McMullin, Wright City, MO

It will be simple, or so the Father said
Just drink the poison and pretend to be dead
Fair Romeo will only know what’s true
He will come and get me; this is what we’ll do
I go home after I drink what’s in the bottle
Weaker than I’ve ever been to my bed, I slowly waddle
It certainly feels like I’m dying of disease
My whole family grieves at what looks to be me, deceased
In my coffin a short time home, I wait
Wait for my husband to quietly come through the graveyard gate
But what is this I hear?
My former betrothed come to whisper in my ear
His parting words to something he thought would be his possession
And lord, he’s even wearing his sword to follow him in succession
I know it is him because I recognize the smell
I feel sorry for him though I would’ve never joined him beneath a wedding bell
But suddenly I hear a clash of metal
Poor Romeo has arrived and he’s decided to meddle
Why would Romeo engage is such a skirmish as this?
Doesn’t he realize I will already soon be his?
A thought so insane crosses my mind
Perhaps Romeo hasn’t heard the plan we’ve designed?
I hear a body fall; a heavy one breathes his last
I know it must be my betrothed; I try to think real fast
I open my eyes only to see
My beautiful Romeo lying next to me
I’m so happy that he’s finally here
I bend down to whisper ‘I Love You’ in his ear
That is when I notice the vial clutched in his hand
And yellow stain about his mouth that looks like a brand
I cry lakes of tears as I realize
That my husband has died
So much for our marriage, so much for our life
My whole body shakes with hopelessness and strife
I grab the tiny bottle from his fingers
The sweet smell of his breath it lingers
No friendly drop of poison left for me?
To carry me on with you to eternity?
What then is left for me?
To pursue a life so empty
Full of people’s moving lips
Burdening people already covered in rips
My heart with you dies
In your unmoving chest it lies
Waiting for nothing at all
Except the love of a never coming call
My heart sits next to yours
Both hearts lay together, our cores
But yet here mine sits
Beating in short little bits
Alive it is, full of selfishness
It refuses to stop thought life is now meaningless
Please, heart, in your bloody anatomy
Quit pumping life into my still-breathing entity
I wish to lie with the one who kept it
The one who didn’t mean to kill it
Stop injecting life into my veins
The strings of blood in my wrists are like stains
I pull at my dirty hair
Wishing that life was just and fair
But I suppose that is why we need love
To settle our squabbles like a gentle dove
My mind goes back to that first night
When I caught your ever-staring sight
I swear now I could see right through that mask you wore
Now I pull up your eyelids and look and it makes my stomach sore
I suddenly realize you’re never coming back
Your beautiful self, a rotting corpse, lies here like a sack
It’s a friendly call for what I’m about to do
In order to spend what’s beyond death with you
My mind searches for excuses but there are none
Without My Love, life isn’t existing, worth it, or fun
I withdraw a dagger from where I know it’s kept
I hold its gleaming blade up to the moon, except
Am I doing what is right?
Is this event meant to follow death’s wicked bite?
When you said you wanted to marry me
You promised yourself to me for eternity
Should I not do the same for you?
If not me to die next to your body, then who?
Together we will become dark-colored dirt for the ants and worms
But it will be cursed soil full of diseases and germs
Oh my Savior comes in the form of a knife
To cut a hole in my chest to drive out all the life
I bend down to kiss your cold lips one more time
The dead, frozen lips you promised would be forever mine
But now they belong to death as well
Your mouth holds a secret you will all too soon tell
For when I end this life and our death together starts
Nothing yet discovered can then tear us apart
Try as a small part of me may
I can’t stop from joining you for even one day
When the sunlight peeks over the hills it’ll just stand to remind
What I left behind in the graveyard for the scavengers to find
I move myself closer to you where death has done its harm
For when I die I wish to fall into your arms
My eyes wander to the small, deadly dagger
If I’d have been standing, I would have staggered
Though it was there to help me join Romeo tonight
It surely had a terribly wicked sight
I hold it a foot away from where my heart beats
I think I won’t look so weak if I can accomplish this feat
Gathering up what’s in me my best
I plunge that saving blade right into my chest
As I breathe my last, death is what I get
Now my precious Romeo will have his Juliet

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