It's not you

November 20, 2007
By Adriana Gallardo, Spirit Lake, IA

When I hear his voice, I smile, but it's not you.
When I touch him, I smile, but it's not you.
When I watch him sleep, I smile, but it's not you.

Laughing without you is hard.
Breathing with out you is sad.
Living with out you is just WRONG.

Somtimes when I'm sad I want to find you.
I need you to come to me somehow and make me feel better.
I know you are up there, but I need you HERE!
I need you to lay by my side and to love me and tell me everything is okay..
Even though it's clearly not...
It makes me cry to think I can't touch or see you again..
Would you be sad if I forgot things about you?
The pain of forgetting you is so sharp in my head;
I just wish i could keep you forever...

I miss you,
I need you,
I love you.

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