November 20, 2007
By Andi McMillen, Seminary, MS

When I look into his bright eyes,
I find something I’ve been missing.
Happiness, the joy of life,
And then I see them glisten.
There is something about his hands,
That makes my skin rise at his touch.
And when he smiles I wonder if,
I deserve this much.
Yes, I see the imperfections.
I see the many flaws.
But perfections are beyond all this,
And for a moment my life does pause.
At the sound of his soft voice,
You see, my heart, it skips a beat.
And I will never understand,
Why when he approaches I feel such heat.
I’ve never felt emotions quite like this,
Though my mind has misled me so.
And until the day that our eyes met,
I thought the past I would never let go.
I’ve never been the kind of person,
To express my true emotion.
But every time I am around him,
It’s as if he could see a tear fall in the ocean.
I don’t think I could ever express,
Or even successfully put into words,
What true love really fells like.
It’s like flying, without birds.
It’s like endlessly bleeding,
With not the slightest of pain.
It’s almost as if you could stay dry,
While standing in the pouring rain.

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