The Tears I Cry

November 20, 2007
By Cheyenne Berreault, Fort Nelson, ZZ

The Tears I Cry,
Aren't Always Tears of Happiness,
Once You Said Good-Bye,
My Tears Changed It's Way of Feeling,
Whey They Laid You Down To Rest,
I Tried My Best Not To Give Away My Sadness,
Day After Day, Year After Year,
I Always Think About That One Last Breath You Took, When You Were Standing Right In Front of Me,
My Heart Beats Slowly When They Mention Your Name,
It Brings Me Back To All Those Good Times We Had,
I Look Up To the Sky, When It's Beautifully Shaded,
I Pray To the Creator, That Someday I'll See You Again,
I've Always Wondered If You Were Watching Over Us,
I've Always Hoped That We Will Be With You Forever and Always,
My Hand On My Heart, My Hand On Your Picture,
A Tear Drops On the Earth, Hitting It Ever So Lightly,
I Feel the Tension of the Hugs You Always Offered,
I've Been Alone Since You Went Away,
Don't Know What To Think, Don't Know What To Say,
All I Can Say Is,
the Tears I Cry,
Aren't Always Tears of Happiness!

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