I said I was sorry.....

November 20, 2007
I'm sorry for all the times I lost my temper
For the times when I was rude
For the gifts that were given
And never recieved thank-yous.
For all the love you've given me
And I havent given back
For all the times you were patient
A virtue that I lack!
I'm sorry for all the people
To whom I was cruel
To all the people I laughed at
I acted like a fool.
I couldn't see past your imperfections
I couldn't see past my pride
Your feelings I trampled all over
On my high horse I would ride.
I'm sorry for all the times I lied
For the people I hurt along the way
Not a day goes by that I don't regret it
And I would take it back any day.
The only person I cared about was me
And only me
And now I'm truely sorry
I only wish I could make you see.
I'm sorry for everything I've done
For all the people I let down
I'm only asking for a second chance
So I can turn things back around.
I know it's a little late
My deeds can't be undone
I realize now I was wrong
I'm sorry everyone....

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