November 20, 2007
By Karen Ivette Rodriguez, Sacramento, CA

It’s not fair
Being brought into this violent world
Living life in fear
Afraid to speak you mind
It’s not fair
That you’re born into a war that’ll never end
You think you’re alone
You think that no one comprehends
The pain that lives in you and outside of you
Strangers ask about the tears that run down your cheek
You look lost
Ashamed of the life you lead
Ashamed of the blood you bleed
It feels like you have no home
You’re always alone
No one notices you
No one knows your pain
It’s not fair
Being raised believing you deserve the pain and hurt
That lives in your heart
No ones around to stand up for you
To protect you but yourself
By now your too weak you could hardly raise a hand to protect your face
You wish to be in heavens grace
They’ll keep anyone from hurting you
They’ll accept you for the real you

It’s not fair
That others go through the pain you do
And No one even knows they’re in struggling pain
The depression of violence lives in so many families
And pain still lives on the innocent
Children lives their lives in a depression
It’s just not fair
That no one knows

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