MY life

November 20, 2007
MY life

I live in the hood
go to school with a gun
my moms in jail for neglect to her son
my dads a drug addict
Flip this world i hate the way im living i wish i could die
to RIP with the guy in the sky
i have no brother nor sisiter waliking down the street is a big adventure
black people be yelling flip white women
so i hustle in my spare time to take care of my daughter
i faught my baby momma then did some time
now my lifes messed up and i want to cry
child supports killing me
and getting in my butt
and telling me to try at least to pay half
i tell them i cant now i got a warrent
im now finally in jail and i m writing books for knuckle heads like me
so they dont make the same mistakes like the ones i did

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