Good Friends

October 30, 2010
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Good friends are hard to find,
But I am glad that you are mine.
The fun we've had in the past,
The memories will forever last.

No matter where we may be,
Your friendship will always stand by me.
Me and my bestie our thoughts we share,
Forever in my heart, I'll always care.

That amazing smile that lights up my day,
Brings tears to my eyes in every way.
I move a little closer and give you a wink,
But then you always look away and start to think.

I wish to hug her when she's not around,
But I hear her voice that beautiful sound.
Her eyes are a beauty and they are very bright,
She helps me each day and throughout every night.

Without her now I wouldn't be complete,
Cause she's the best and very sweet.
I love you and don't ever forget,
The very first day that both of us met.

We are now friends like no other,
feeling like besties, a sister from a different mother.
Without you now how sad I would be,
Cause' without you, There'd be no me !

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