After Peer Pressure

November 20, 2007
By Antonia LaCross, Alger, MI

After Peer Pressure

She won’t look at him
She’s avoiding the 17 year old
Her friends say “Give him a chance”
“Why I don’t know him at all”

“Come on he’s cool”
“He’ll make you cool to”
“But…I’m only 15”
“Come on what could happen?”

“He’s popular. Go for it”
“You’ll be the most envies girl in school”
“Okay, one date, then we are done”
He takes her out

They go to eat
They enjoy the meal
He gets real close
“Now it’s your turn

“What do you mean?”
“You know…You and me come on”
“You would do it if you loved me”
She leans away

They go to his favorite place
She makes no eye contact
He grabs her tightly
“Lets just wait”

“No come here”
“It’s too much”
It over he’s gone

Alone can hardly breathe
Can hardly walk
In the pit of her stomach

Can’t take it any longer
At home, throws away her clothes
Warmth soaks into her filthy body
Still, feels him, smells him, sees him

Everyone asks her how it went
“You know “ “With your date”
She sits down to cry
“Why am I here, take me away”

He says he got some
And tells everyone
They congratulate her
Like it was a good thing

Three months have passed
There are many signs
Should she believe or ignore?
Is she pregnant or paranoid?

Inside she knows she’s pregnant
“What now?”
Only 15

If only she hadn’t done it…
Given in to her friends
This IS what happens
After Peer Pressure

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