Love Lives On

November 19, 2007
Love Lives On

Earth, unlike all the others,
It has life. But unlike
Your heart where it is dead.
Your cold as ice,
Blood trickling down the side of you mouth.
You gasp for air as the paramedics rush you away.
I’m left here in shock as I watch you die.
I feel a gentle touch on my shoulder.
I turn to see your face smiling down at me.
I look at the gruesome scene.
My body is dangling from the destroyed car.
My head bleeding uncontrollably.
I realize that love never dies
Unlike me and you.
It lives forever with our souls.
Unlike the Earth, filled with life.
But on the inside its dead
With a life it never had.
Love lives on.

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Rebelde189 said...
Dec. 4, 2009 at 10:26 am
I like this it's really good..... keep writing and I'll see you at school
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