I really don’t know the reason why

November 19, 2007
By Samantha Steavenson, Sedro-Woolley, WA

I really don’t know the reason why
but me and my friends just wanna get high.
our insides, our brain will seriously fry,
but we don’t care, so soon we’ll die.

boozing it up, getting drunk,
yeah it’s cool; I’m a darn punk.
it gives me this feeling, a dizzy funk
where I can forget about all this junk.

yeah, make a big deal cuz I’m on crack
but you make sure you ain’t talking smack
or I’ll take you back to my lonely shack
and lay it down till you’re blue and black.

floating away in this cloud of weed,
my momma says that it’ll make me bleed
but I don’t mind as long as I feed
the craving inside and spread my seed.

there’s no looking back I’m already on this path
down into darkness, into the caves of wrath,
and yeah I know I’m a darn psychopath,
but you just wait for the aftermath.

I guess I never thought it would end up this way,
but to the drugs and the booze I was prey.
and I screwed around every goshdarn day
so now the only thing I got is this white bouquet.

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