I am free

November 19, 2007
I am free

Gliding along through the garden,
soaring from stone to stone.
Rays of light reflect from tears,
not from the golden sky alone.
I am a bird, I am free.

Free from country, free from nation.
Free from wanting, free from obligation.

I am far above the ground.
Whirling past glistening gems,
sailng through worlds of radiance.
The end is never met with fear,
all days are spent in a glowing dance.
I am a fish, I am free.

Free from hate, free from lies.
Free from identity, free from disguise.

I am far below the ground.
We make the world, and we must be free.
We make the world, we must be free

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AwesomeNewt said...
Feb. 20, 2011 at 6:46 pm
I love it! Good job keep writing
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