The Black Cat

October 27, 2010
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That strange, old, ugly woman always had her black cat
I never liked or cared for that black cat or her
But everyday they took walks at the edge of the forest, near my house
Day after day I more hated that women and cat with black fur
I had to do something about it, that’s for sure
So one day I invited them in, not knowing what they would endure

I said "come in please!" and led her to the kitchen
The ugly old women even brought in her ghostly black cat
The women sat down at the table with her back turned
That cat was starring at me with its devilish eyes so yellow and fat
I grabbed a knife and was standing right behind where the women sat
Then I sliced the women's throat clean open, just like that

I went for the cat but it was already gone
Now I had a bloody mess, and a body to hide
A day later not a drop of blood or trace of murder could be seen
Finally that nasty old women and her ugliness had died
The police came to question me but I just simply lied
But I still had to find that black cat that ran to hide

I was finally happy without that lady and the treacherous cat
But I was in the kitchen one morning when I heard something in my ear
I thought I heard a faint meow from a cat, I looked everywhere in panic
Until something caught my eye, the black cat was in the window, I saw it so clear
and that horrible sound of its meow was the only thing I could hear
The whole day I was filled with panic and fear

That night my dreams were all nightmares and that cat, but all along the cat knew
I imagined what the dead women looked like buried in the back yard
Suddenly I had woken to a meow, I looked out the window and there was the black cat
The memories flashed in my mind of the women’s body all black and charred
With every sight of the cat, the terrible feeling of guilt hit me hard
For my entire life, from that murder, I would be scarred

When I woke the next morning and I thought I saw the black cat
But when I looked again it was only a coffee table
Everywhere I looked, almost everything resembled a cat
The next time I saw that cat I wanted to strangle it with a cable
I had already lost my mind and wasn't able
To think straight and normal or stand up and be fully stable

So I was stuck in bed with that cat starring at me through the window
I screamed and hollered and was so anxious and frustrated
I had pulled patches of hair off my head, and ground my teeth half way down
In my mind, the cat and the craziness had both dominated
No one will ever know how much I despised and hated
That cat, guilt and my insanity that they had created

Still everything around me constantly looked and sounded like a cat
For days and days I laid in bed with the guilt eating me from the inside out
The cat was still there the whole time starring with its big yellow eyes
All along the cat knew, my days were limited, there was no doubt
The cat and dead women won and I finally understood what their game was about
I drove a letter opener through my chest and went without even a shout but all along the cat knew.

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