In loving memory

November 19, 2007
By Nikki lewis, Norwich, NY

As my mind races
I ponder
At this pace that I have never faced
I feel content

To act rational
would only leave you lonely
To hear a complaint
will only feint someone for so long.

As I continue to jog
through ample amounts of thickly laid fog
I approach an aesthetic broach
Lying there invisible
untouched or notice

After a quick glance
I stop
While in a stance I am amazed
For only a moment I remained
In a daze of only thought
I feel distraught

Memories flourish
upsetting and frightful
But they seem to nourish
To sustained the thought
that this broach as brought
only befuddles me

Though she was a native
she was exceedingly creative
Our last moment I consume to recall
was her tomb
there in the room she lied
once a bride, mother, and daughter
all that she was
now slaughtered

With only a memory
in which that simple broach brought back
it very well taught me
she is no longer gone
but strong
In my heart she lies
Never apart
but present

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