October 26, 2010
By Collapse_My_Coffin SILVER, Ash Grove, Missouri
Collapse_My_Coffin SILVER, Ash Grove, Missouri
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"truth is everyones going to hurt you;you have just got to find the ones worth suffering for" -Bob Marley

i want to love and be loved,i want to walk for awhile im tired of running, can you kiss me and leave it at that? Can i climb and not fall for once will you be there to catch me i just want a peek at whats on top. Will you take me and can we be the only ones for dayd and days? I wish all these things would disapper and i wouldn't need a need at all. Now everything has ran its corse and our time run out, im left alone but i don't want and i don't need a thing at all. Your hearts bleeding now your leaving. I thought we had it all. Who knew rain this hard could fall? I wanted to love you and be loved by you. I'm done walking think i'll run for awhile if so wolud you chase me? I want you to kiss me and i'll lead it on.I'm going to clmb not to fall but to jump this time i'll forget whats on top what does it matter anyway? It's the little things that hurt us. i'll take my self and be alone for a days and days. Everythings disapperd i'm left alone with my own thoughts lost in my imagenation. What happens when time is up? Will i start over on this same track same rotuine just like always or wait have i always been on this same track have always been like this?

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