The Girl Named OK

October 26, 2010
By Anonymous

There once was a girl named OK
She didn’t have many friends
But the ones that she had were true
She tried to be the best that she could be
And helped her friends through and through

One day a dear friend of OK’s came to her
Asking for help with a boy
“What should I do?” said She With No Clue
And OK said to her
“Ask him to the dance,
What could you lose,
If he doesn’t love you, he’s not good enough to smooch.”

She With No Clue said with a big smile
“Thank you, oh, thank you, OK.
What would I do without you?
You so have made my day.”

This was nothing new for the girl named OK
She went and she went and she went on her way
That’s how the girl named OK got her name
She made everything for everyone as perfect as should be
Never asked for one second
“Well, what of me?”

OK is her name
And OK she should be
But this sad story has no happy ending
Yet to be seen
For the girl named OK
Who makes a living making everyone else happy

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