My Freedom

October 26, 2010
By OBB1994 BRONZE, Villa Rica, Georgia
OBB1994 BRONZE, Villa Rica, Georgia
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He hit me
Pushed me
Slapped me too
So someone tell me what the heck was I to do
Sit here and take it
Wait for it again back up into a corner where he strikes me with his hand
Hurt me
Bruise me
Won’t take that again
Stand up stupid wont say a word he hits me I fall where he says I belong
Commanding as a puppeteer he yanks me back up and holds me in his arms makes me feel the trust until another day when I make him mad again you should see his face so angry as if I’m a disgrace or maybe I am I was so young and confused had no time to really get to choose .
Waking up to his smiling face
Hoping everything will be okay
Until later his true colors will show thinking he rules like a king on his throne
Knowing his boss brings tear to my face and erupts all my thoughts
He’ll ask what’s wrong and say it so sweet
But the things that he’s done will finally push me Sounds of remoras seem to shield my voice I push it away its time for my joy I stand up now but no where near proud maybe gone mad he looks at me in disgust shows no fear then a crack in his voice says I love you dear
Love is that what you call what you’ve done to me brought me down to a level I never wanted to be
Real mad and angry I go to hit him as he would have me and give him the pain that would last for centuries but in stead I stand up and walk away the man the that once hit me got up and scurried away

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