November 19, 2007
It's like your whole life changes it's rhythm.
Crawling out of the darkness just to realize that someone is calling your name.
You don't want to admit that you've lost, that it's all over and behind you.
Somewhere deep inside, you even try to convince yourself it's still all yours.

One lonesome day you realize it's all gone.
You say a quick goodbye to the friends and life you used to know.
Trying to look forward although you don't know if it's for the good or bad.
Everything turns, spinning without giving you a single second to breathe.

Slowly everything starts to tumble downward.
With one swift motion you fall to the ground, crying out for mercy.
Screaming for someone to help you, to pick you up out of the mess you've made.
For it was all your fault that you fell down in the first place and as hard as you try...

...you can't get up.

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