My Best Friend

October 26, 2010
By Anonymous

My best friend
Lying there so peacefully
Her mess of hair
Tamed today, caressing her cheeks

Her eyes shut ever so gently
I wish she could see me
I’d give anything
To see her eyes alight again
With the joy of being my friend

My own eyes trace down to her lips
The sound of her voice sneaks it’s way into my mind
We talked and we talked
About everything

I never thought this day would come
There’s so much left to say
To experience with you in your special way
But here you lie and her you stay
Never to see another day

I never told you that I love you
I’m so sorry
I’ve loved you more than anyone else before
The preacher closed the casket
And you were gone forever more

“NO,” I cried and jumped up and fell off my bed
A song finds its way to my ear
And I fumble to my desk
And pick up my phone
It’s her, she’s alive
I still have time

“Hey,” I say answering the phone
“I need to talk to you.”

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