Darkness of the Night:

November 19, 2007
By Tabitha Zimmerman, Front Royal, VA

Darkness of the Night:

Sometimes nothing is what it seems, You are fooled by something
you wish was real. And at times it becomes so close to the truth,
But then it slips away, Into the darkness of the night,
Drowning under the horrors of the water fall
That holds your head under.
Not allowing you to escape for even one breath of air.
The life, of which your internal soul exists,
Melts away like it was never there.
You swallow that one last little breath you were saving.
You say goodbye to everything you knew,
But hello to everything coming your way.
That Rose that you held in your hand all along the way
It dies, like someone had poisoned it.
With one last glance it slips out of your hand,
Allowing it to rest in peace. No longer is it in pain,
It can live as it never has before, With happiness and glory.
Without the evilness of darkness And the sadness holding it back.
Not looking back on it past, It grows once more,
Into a beautiful Rose that it once was
Before the evilness darkness of the night took it in.

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