What do you do when your heart stops beating?

November 19, 2007
What do you do when your heart stops beating?
Your soul dies,
The darkness greeting.

The lassitude of life falls down fast upon you.
Just lie down and take it,
There’s nothing else you can do.

All purpose is lost, no point in pressing on.
Tell me,
What do you do when everything is gone?

Hope has long since diminished, despair weighing you down.
No help from anyone,
They watch you as you drown.

But some who realize grasp at your hand.
Let go.
They’ll never understand.

The battles and wars raging silently within.
A constant struggle,
One you’ll never win.

When they try to help you, you push them away.
There’s nothing they can do,
Nothing they can say.

You’ll ‘be just fine’ you tell them in your letters.
What you meant to say is
You don’t want to get better.

So wrapped up in misery and steeped in shame.
Hide your face.
Change your name.

What you see and what they see differ greatly in range.
No matter,
You’ll never change.

So what then, how long will this go on?
Forever my friend,
‘Till forever is gone.

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