Negitive State Of Mind!

October 30, 2010
Negitive State Of Mind!

Is there not enough room for negitivity to dissapear? Is it not enough room to give ourselves credit? We try over and over, but do we settle for? " A Negitive State Of Mind". I'm tired of this... I'm tired of the world giving up, as if the body is programmed to settle for whatever you can get.

Look at this craziness, cause it sounds foolish to me. I don't wanna give up, because it's what God taught me what not to do. When everythings a mess I want to scream. Need some type of uplifting, so I run to that alter. Everything is going to be ok, because this won't last forever and I won't let a tear fall.

See it my way, and you will make it through this. Breathe in and out God has not forgotten about you. Push harder and touch him your still his number one daughter. As he told you once before " Talithi Cumi". Daughter rise above...that I will always seek. I will try to look at this in a bad way...but in a testimonial way.

See what I see right now is not what God see's. God see's better for me...and that means he has something up his sleve not only for me, but my future and family. As I will turn my cheak to the devil, I will keep my head held high. Then keep pressing on will be my philosophy.

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