To Define Love

October 30, 2010
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To define such a word is bountiful task
For a thousand definitions you must prepare to unmask
Everyone who has ever been in love will give you their own distinct view
For to each of them their own definition holds to be true

There are those who will claim love as surreal
A feeling unexplainable by any ideal
Mesmerizing at every left and right turn
O how that simple word your heart will most surely yearn

They will say love is the feeling a person cannot live without
That once sown into a heart it does nothing but sprout
Truly unpredictable it will seem to be an impossible maze
That will ignite within you an unstoppable blaze

Then there are those who have loved at least once in their life
And they will say such a word will cause you nothing but strife
A mere fantasy not worth the results so dire
A flame ignited once that shall surely tire

If love is what you search for, a heart broken shall be your inevitable end
Years you must recover before the wounds themselves can mend
Do not fall into its trap for getting out will cause you nothing but grief
For love is neither friend nor foe, but a skilled and cunning thief

You cannot define love until it has visited your heart
Then and only then shall be able to tell the definitions apart
If love is true or merely a fairytale to remain with a book’s pages
Shall remain the greatest mystery of all the ages

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