Unbreakable teamate sent right down from heaven.

November 19, 2007
Unbreakable teamate sent right down from heaven.

Always there for each other in my family we are seven.

Mommy,Daddy,Yasmine,Candy,Gradma,Grandad,and Me.

Now some how we are separated and I have a family of 3.

We love, laugh, and live.

To reach our goals we always thrive.

We swallow our pride and to reach our goal we always strive.

We love each other to death.

And we will remember each other until our last breath.

Helping is what we are known for.

If there is a life's battle we fight together until we win the war.

Unbreakable relationship we have.

To the bad we have always forgave.

Love between us is really deep.

We share our sorrows and try not to weep.

We stand united forever.

We dont let anyone get in our way whatsoever.

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