Life is full of happiness and sorrow but my life,

November 19, 2007
Life is full of happiness and sorrow but my life,
it scares me like a story book of horor.

I didn't appreciate when I had happiness,

now I keep on yelling I have so much less.

Doesn't my life seem like a mess?

If I pick one another is gone, for me its true my life wont go on.

Life seems to be my enemy, regret and tears my friend. I wish from first I was comprehend.

The victory is always gonna be truth's,

but WHY only to us youths.

God, what did I do wrong,

that my life doesn't seem too long.

We will all die one day for sure.

Then WHY a war and then cure?

God, Why'd you put me in this spot?

I cry and I care alot.

Why do I love them? Why do I care?

Life will now never be the same and that is just not fair.

God, you make us laugh and then cry I have a question and that is WHY?

If you look at me from far then you will see a happy face,

but once you come a little closer then my life is like a vase...

It can be broke any second.

You will yourself reckon.

Lord, don't !

Why is it me who has to pick he or she?

Sometimes I wonder what do I live for,

because grieve comes more and more.

It hurts, deep, deep inside.

I sighed,whined,and then I laid back and looked up in the blue sky and just cried.

Cried and questioned God "WHY?"

Why do we have to be apart,

by breaking each others heart?

I looked out the window feeling really lonely,

and wondering if I was the one and only.

It was dark and raining outside...

Hmph!...What more could I expect out of life...

I see people happy then I wonder why I am not?

I know I was in that battle for happiness where I fought.

I fought then I lost.

After that I realized how much family and happiness costs.

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