Here I am in a new world trying to fit in.

November 19, 2007
I just moved in from Alabama to a place called North Carolina.
My home town is at the other end of the world right below China.

Here I am in a new world trying to fit in.

There I found you asking me if my sister and me were twins.

You made me laugh, you made me smile.

It took us a while,

but right then we became besties forever.

We took a oath and we promised to follow it whatsoever.

It was like if I knew you before we met.

We agreed with everything without being upset.

You told me all your secrets and so did I.

We cried and said we'd be friends for ever even after we die.

We looked up to the sky wondering why we have to separate.

She was a little agrivate,

but I knew there was a tear somewhere she was hiding.

But I also knew she there with me aching.

We cried until our eyes turned black.

She stood still and helped me pack.

She told me we'd be friends for ever no matter what.

Then "Bang," the door of my car was shut.

I droped a tear and said good-bye.

I looked up in the blue sky and said "Why?"

She is a person who was sweet and kind.

She is a friend who is really hard to find.

Even right now she is present in my mind.

She is also one of a kind.

I love them to death.

They will always be in my mind even in my last two breath

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