Underline Your fate

October 27, 2010
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Every Second is a trend,
Each breath coming out for reasons i cannot comprehend.
Its so hard to feel satisfied,
Living everyday a dollar shy.

Praying for a life,
Praying to someone high.
Keep on pressing resend,
begging for an answer.

We are,
We are,
The pause before hell.
We are,
the goal at the very end.
Scoring our points,
taking advantage of a life we never knew.
We have no clue.

So many killed,
yet we remain unaffected.
Affected by null.

Our focus is obscured,
focusing on the rush,
on the gain.
We focus,
on who's to blame,
who's to shame,
and doing what we need too do,
to win that game.

and like a tear,
death, and hate have made it clear.
We all feel fear,
Yet we are dead.
Yet we die,
Yes we die...
over and over again.
and those tears disappears,
until another devastation appears.

What will it take,
to be satisfied with your life in hand.
What will it take,
to be content too not understand.
What will it take,
to learn from the lessons that lay on your hand.
Underline your fate.

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