When Everything Went Wrong

November 19, 2007
By Jenna Cubello, Guilderland, NY

Have you ever loved something so much, then the next time you come home its gone, well that’s happened to me.
Over the summer we had a party for my brother Joey, at my house. He had just graduated from high school. The party was good until my cousins and I got back from our walk.
My cousins and I went for a walk because we were kind of bored of the little kids following us. When we went for a walk my two cousins were fooling around and acting like hillbillies. They were talking funny and they were calling each other Lily, Jonathan, Daisy and Sunflower. My cousins are wild, my one cousin Amanda is 14 and is short with blonde hair. My other cousin Rodalpho is 15 and is pretty tall and has brown hair.
My two cousins were running around and running through sprinklers. We went around the neighborhood about three times. At the time I had a cast on because I broke my ankle over the summer too, so I was walking around the neighborhood slow because it was hurting my arms. When we were walking back to my house they were doing fireworks so I heard them. My dog is deathly afraid of fireworks.
My dog is a golden retriever and is brown. She is a big dog and is always looking for attention. She always wants someone to pet her. If you don’t pet her she will scratch you but not hard. She also licks people a lot. She is really nice and never bites.
When we were walking back I saw a dog and I got worried because I know Rubie, my dog was afraid of fireworks. When I got back to my house I asked my parents where the dog was and they didn’t know. I and my cousins checked all over and she wasn’t in the house or outside. All of my aunts, uncles, cousins, mom, dad, sisters and brothers helped look all over the neighborhood and we went to the other neighborhoods too, and she wasn’t there.
My one neighbor called the pound to have them check all around to see if they could find her. My dog loves to eat table food, especially McDonalds. Somebody called our house telling us that they found a dog at McDonalds. My dad and neighbor Anthony went over there and Rubie was there. My dad called our house and told us it was Rubie. I was so happy because I was crying and I thought it was my fault because I took her collar off to brush her, and forgot to put it to put it back on. When I saw her get out of the car she was shaking. Ruby was shaking like an earthquake. I immediately went over to her to give her a big hug. I was so happy because she was gone for a couple hours. My smile was as big as a babies smile when they are getting tickled.
That ruined my night and everyone else’s night because everyone was everywhere trying to find the dog. When ever I think of this story I feel sad because I hate when she gets scared and runs away. I love Rubie and she makes everything fun.
If you know that your dog or animal is afraid of loud noises, don’t let them out when loud noises are going on. I learned my lesson never take your dogs collar off because if they run away know one will know who the dog owns to. My family and I are lucky that somebody found her, and most of all that she didn’t get hit by a car. Then we would never know what happened to her.

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